About Me

When I tell people what I do for a living I hear…

oh you’re a personal trainer, you must love to workout and eat healthy


you must be in really great shape


what do you mean you need motivation, you’re a trainer  


This image of what a personal trainer is is exactly why I hate telling people that I am a personal trainer.  Sure, I help people lose weight, gain muscle, increase their flexibility…but really I flip attitudes, I build self-esteems, and make people feel like they can, guiding them towards an awakening of their true selves.  Getting fit is just a nice product 😉

I enjoy exercising and eating healthy, but it’s not always easy.  It wasn’t until this past September (2016) that I actually felt that I was in control of my body again.  I’ll go into this more detail below, but I had gained close to 20lbs. in about a year without even noticing.  I knew I felt like crap, but I couldn’t understand why.

I don’t want to tell you I was 100% unhealthy, but I would be outright lying to you if I told you I didn’t eat fast food and the thought of going to the gym made me want to curl up in my jammies and watch Netflix with a snack(s).



So…Why a Personal Trainer?


After partially tearing my hamstring in High School from a fencing injury, I was inspired to become a physical therapist.  I went to Temple University on track for PT school when I fell in love with the fitness industry.

I had gotten a job at Philadelphia Sports Club and I was probably the youngest trainer there by maybe 8 years. I had no idea what I was doing, but what drew me in was getting people to believe that they CAN.  I had no fancy workouts to show for but I knew I could make my clients feel and believe they could do anything.  And they did.

I gave up my path for going onto physical therapy school and graduated with my B.S. in Kinesiology.  I then worked at a Salvation Army run wellness organization called The Kroc Center.  This is where I met Blake, my fiancé.

Again, I found myself drawn to making people feel like “YES I CAN”.  I worked with clients who could barley walk, clients that wanted to lose 10lbs, and clients that needed to lose 100lbs.  As each of them worked towards their unique individual goal there was always one thing in common, an “I CAN” attitude in the making.

This is what keeps me glued to the fitness industry.  It’s not the fancy workouts, or the newest equipment trends, or even the love for working out and being fit.  It’s watching people build and grow their confidence, empower themselves, and really truly honestly believe that they are worth it.



I Was Broke and Ambitious


About 3 years ago, 2013-ish.  I had quit my job working as a Fitness Specialist in Philadelphia to take a part-time job in Northern NJ.  Why you may ask?  Well, Blake (my now fiancé) had just taken a job up that way and we were looking to take the next step in our relationship.  I was ready to quit my job anyway, things had just been getting dry and I felt there was no way up.  So we moved.

A short 6 months after I took that part-time job, they fired me…or let me go…

So there I was…broke…scared…but also really excited!

I felt that this was an opportunity to make something of myself.  To really follow my dream and my passions.

I went home that day and taught myself how to use wordpress, and started a blog, DragonflyEats.com.  I began creating a bunch of healthy recipes and posting them.  Learned how to take pretty decent food photos.  I was having a blast!

Unfortunately, this really wasn’t bringing in any money…

So I fixed up my profile, asked some previous clients for testimonials and reviews and posted them up online using IDEA Fitness Connect (a great resource if you are in the fitness/wellness industry).

Before I knew it I was getting emails from people asking me if I would come to their home and train them there.  So, I did.  Soon after I established Train2Function LLC, an in-home personal training company servicing the Central NJ area.  Today this is I do! And I love it!  However, I am in the “growth” stages of my business and am still developing as a Small Business Owner trying to figure out what’s next.



I Gained 20lbs. Without Even Noticing


My business began to grow fairly quickly once I committed my time and energy towards it. I started doing well, which is awesome and amazing but somewhere along the way I stopped scheduling time to take care of myself.

Over the past 2 years I’ve gained close to 20lbs.  People who saw me everyday, probably didn’t notice – I mean I hardly noticed until I realized none of my shorts over the summer fit! (Being in the fitness industry means you get to wear stretchy pants to work everyday…so you can understand how maybe I didn’t notice!?)

I knew I had gained some weight, but had no idea how much.

I probably complained to a few friends and my sister and my mom and my fiancé, oh I don’t know … to many times to count – about how  I feel fat, I look fat, ‘do these pants make me look fat’, but the most daunting of them all…’how can I be a personal trainer and a healthy living coach when I look and feel like this?’

I was tired of listening to myself complain and was ready to make a real change.



The Fire Under My Butt


Now…like I said this has been a gradual 2 years in the making.  It’s taken me THAT long to get to this ‘ah-ha’ moment where I’ve just had enough.

I suppose there are just some important things on my plate coming up that got me going!

  • Like…I’m getting married August 2017. When I was about to start looking at dresses – like any bride to be I wanted to feel good about myself when trying on!
  • **Original Post** I also signed myself up for a yoga teacher training that begins in September.  This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while and haven’t had the time or the money.  I want my mind my heart and my spirit to be open and receptive to everything I learn and when I have my crabby pants on it’s hard to feel that way.** UPDATE: So true, the jump start was incredibly helpful, but the whole process of teacher training is so much more fulfilling than I would have ever hoped for.
  • Additionally, I’m in the process of growing my business and expanding into new ventures and need to be confident inside and out in order to make progress!

With all of this going on, it’s only possible to be successful and make the best and most of my time if I feel 100% in-tune with myself; body, mind, and spirit.



Words to You


I hope that I can prove that you can live the happy and healthy life you deserve all while eating what you want and doing what you want to do.

Sometimes our fear and poor body image prevents us from getting out into the world and just letting the world see us for who and what we really are. What are we afraid of?

– Who are you really? – If you went to a party and everyone you’ve ever met in your entire life was there in that moment, who would you be? Whoever that person is, don’t be afraid of him/her, embrace it, LIVE IT!!!

I want to get my voice heard, I want others to know who I really am and what I stand for – and I’m not gonna be afraid to post this article up for the world to see.

I want to help people achieve the best version of themselves possible. Gain that sense of “I CAN”!  I feel that the first step in that direction is to be open and honest with myself and with all of you.

I’m on my way to hit the goals I’ve created for myself and hope that in someway I can help you reach and check off  yours too!

Thanks for stopping by!!!!