Never Lose The WHY

(written 3.14.2017)

I’ve been really pushing to finish my business plan for my fitness/yoga studio – something that has seemed to be in the works for years now. I feel that I am actually now in the place where I can make things happen.  I feel much more grounded.  I can actually tackle the logistics of what it takes to physically, really – like real life- open a studio space! And I’m ready.

I figured on this snow day I’d really make a huge dent…and although I did a lot of work, it somehow doesn’t feel like enough.

With all of this excitement, planning and dreaming, and getting lost in what is a plan and what is a dream…I found myself getting discouraged yet again.  Thinking to myself “who am I kidding, i cant do this’ – ‘I have no money, we’re getting married in 6months-ish, I have some personal debt…there’s no way’ ‘I don’t even have a name for it!’

Blake tried to comfort me by telling me that this is normal and it’s great that I’m feeling this way – but I was too much in my head.

I then began to open a bunch of fortune cookies that were sitting on the table from our Chinese take-out (the place we order from always gives us like at least 10 cookies no matter how much or little we order so I’ve decided to crack all of them open and collect the fortunes in a mason jar). I wasn’t reading them, just cracking and collecting.  Then Blake said “hey, what if I wanted one?” So I apologized, looked down and noticed there were 2 left to be opened.  I gave him one and I took the other for myself.  It read…

“faithless is he who quits when the road darkens” we laughed

“Well, there is the universe for you!’ – Blake chuckled

There is the universe. Testing me. Testing my faith, my commitment, my belief in myself.

I know I can do this.  I’m not sure how or when I’ll get there, but I know I will.

Today was a great example of how it’s so easy to get lost in the planning.  You almost lose sight of the WHY.  Don’t ever lose sight of why you do what you love to do.  It’s as simple as if you forget why you love to do whatever you love to do, (a) you won’t love to do it any more and (b) your vision will not be executed correctly because you may lose parts of your passion and love, in the planning.  And that is just simply ridiculous.

Today I learned that whenever I begin to feel flustered with how am I going to do X-Y-Z to remember WHY I want to do it in the first place.

If you are true to the WHY, I really, full-heartedly believe the universe will be on your side to carry it through.

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