Food + Fitness for a Newfound Yogi (finding balance)

I just completed a really badass workout.  It felt great, I feel complete, and I’m wondering why I hate “working out”.  I don’t hate working out…I just hate the gym.  It’s gross.

When I grow up and have my very own gym in my very own home just for me (and Blake), it won’t be gross, but until then, I’ll suck it up.

This workout was a combination of HIIT (high intensity interval training), strength training, ending with a 10-15min yoga flow.  The whole thing took about 45min.  I got my sweat on, my muscles a little shaky, and then I got to stretch and twist finishing with a short headstand. YIPPY!!!

After I completed my yoga teacher training, I took a pause from “fitness” because I was so enthralled with my newfound love for yoga. I really felt that I didn’t need anything else. And who knows, depending on what type of yoga you do and how active your lifestyle is, maybe you don’t need to do any “cardio” or additional “strength training”.  Regardless, more recently I’ve been feeling the desire to run and lift a little more again.  All I know is todays workout felt great, and I think there might be something to tying it all together in a pretty gift wrapped box with a big bow. 🙂


Food has been tricky too.  When I think about where food comes from it freaks me out and makes me sad, but the truth is, my body doesn’t seem to like when I don’t have any animal protein in my diet.  I know if I spent more time with it I could find a solution and the right blend of vegan foods that fit my body type, but I also like cheeseburgers…so…hmm.

Someone once said to me only “true yogis are vegans”.  Maybe? I really don’t know.  What is a true yogi? And if that’s what it means to be a “true yogi”, I’ll have to accept I may never earn that title.


The point is, find balance in your body. Take notice to what feels right to you. If you want to eat meat, eat meat, but maybe have some meals throughout the week that are plant-based.  If you want to be a vegan, be a vegan, but be sure to have a plethora of foods choices to support what your body needs.


It truly does not matter what you do or how you eat, but whatever you do, find the balance, a sense of equilibrium within yourself.  I think once you find that, you must be a true yogi.


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