6 Winning Techniques for a Less Stressful Holiday

It seems we all have a different outlook on the holiday season.  Some of us cannot wait and some of us just dread it.  I used to dread Thanksgiving, but now I love love love it.

I’ve always had this image that Thanksgiving should be this super laid back holiday that involved a lot of good food, laughing, and sweatpants.  When I was growing up there were some years that it was simply that, and then there were other years where it was a bit more formal; and that’s when I would dread it.

I am so proud to say that this will be our 3rd year hosting Thanksgiving!!! WOOTWOOT!  Thanksgiving has turned into this really special day because both my family and Blake’s family come to our home and we are all together as one.  It’s super special! YAY

But the holidays, as fun as they may be, seems to always stir up a little bit of stress at one point or another.  I plan on using the following 6 techniques this year that will help me keep cool, calm, collected, and grateful.  I’m sending some positive energy towards you that you will do the same 🙂

  1. Have fun!!! Enjoy yourself, your family + friends, and your surroundings.67721-animals-cute-panda-slide-animals-cute-panda-slide
  2. Be Grateful – Smile about all that you have in this very moment and really be in the present. Right here, right now.

    Rue and Penny best friends for life – one of my favorite animal odd couples 🙂 <3

3.  Go with the FlowBe realistic with your expectations and expect to be a little stressed.

Remember the importance of the holiday season  – getting together with family and loved ones and spending quality time.

If you have plans to make a 7 course meal and you end up burning the turkey, remember you still have 6 courses! I’m kidding! – but in all honesty nobody is going to care if one of your dishes comes out “imperfectly”.  Worst case, you order in Chinese.  If you keep a positive attitude and just enjoy each other, you’ll all be laughing about the burnt turkey soon.tgiving000f1a04_21

Maybe your spending Thanksgiving with new in-laws or a friend?  Perhaps offer your help in the kitchen, and if the answer is ‘yes’ get to work and use it as a bonding experience.  If the answer is ‘no thanks’ enjoy your time chilling out. Regardless the response, don’t over think it.

Whatever your situation may be this year, it’s normal to get a little stirred up and stressed around the holidays and that’s ok! Just be sure that you can take control back over your stress and enjoy the moment.friends-3-600x450

4.  Forgive and Let Go– being with family can get a bit stressful and sometimes things may come up that you don’t wish to discuss or someone may rub you the wrong way.  Like Grandma keeps asking you when you’re getting married, or maybe Aunt Jo notices your not having any wine and makes a scene that your pregnant, or Uncle Ned keeps talking about the election… Just let it go.%ec%98%ac%eb%9d%bc%ed%94%84-%ea%b7%b8%ea%b2%83%ec%9d%80-3d-%eb%b2%bd-stikcers-%eb%b2%bd-%ed%83%80%ec%9d%bc-%ec%9c%a0%eb%a6%ac-%ec%9e%ac%eb%af%b8-%ec%b0%b8%ec%8b%a0-%ed%99%94%ec%9e%a5%ec%8b%a4

Move on and forward. If necessary, go to the bathroom, count to 10, maybe take a power pose, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re awesome and nobody can take you down, and then get back out there!

If its 1 person in particular thats yanking your chain, then strike up conversation with someone else…or play with the dogs. 🙂img_4256

5.  Do You – Do whats best for you. Don’t be rude, but it’s ok to be a little selfish, this is your holiday too!  Help out when needed, but then sit on the coach with a beer when the time is right.83011d8e5b6013bd90ba5b0e3656d60c

6.  Don’t think about the calories – we’ll deal with that tomorrow.f154d7ae2ccf82ebe1e262c28135b6e9




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