12 Things I Am Grateful For

I honestly cannot believe Thanksgiving is a week from today.  Yikeeesssssss.  I suppose I should start planning my menu!embarassed-emoji

I think it’s especially important this year to take a moment and think about, or even better – write about, what you are grateful for.  Taking a moment to acknowledge everything you DO have in your life is actually a pretty powerful thing.

Did you know that people that express gratitude are generally happier, healthier, more successful, less stressed, better partners, more optimistic, etc…? (I could go on!!!)  There is a ton of research on the topic, but here is a link to one article from Harvard that mentions a few different studies.  Or HappierHuman has a great post too.  It’s all really fascinating and I will probably write more on this topic down the road.

I’d like to share what I am grateful for and hope to inspire you to do the same 🙂

12 Things I Am Grateful For This Year: 

number1-22My Health – Over the summer my doctor had told me my thyroid looked enlarged.  After getting tested further they found a few small nodules, nothing to be worried about.  6 months later there has been no changes!  Thyroid disorders are pretty common and I understand a lot of people have thyroid nodules, probably more than we know.  Thyroid disorders are also typically easily treated/maintained, but it was still a little scary and I’m grateful to not have to cross that bridge right now.  Additionally, I have lost about 16lbs. doing the Whole30 program and although am no longer on the program, I have been able to maintain my weight-loss and continue to motivate myself to live a healthy lifestyle.

number2-23Blake, my fiancé, my future husband.  For being supportive, encouraging, and loving 100% 24/7 – no matter what!  Even when I snap accidentally or haven’t showered in a few days…hehe jk! (but not really). Thank you babe.img_9647


Calvin, my pup, my little light.  For putting smiles and laughter in my life everyday, for teaching me the importance of presence, and for showing me that sometimes in life “it’s no big deal”. Thanks little man.








My Family – Being there, loving and supporting even miles apart.  Thank you everyone!

















My Yogi Family/Yoga Teacher Training – Gosh I am so incredibly grateful for this group of people that I have only met a few months ago.  I can honestly and truthfully say that they are the most supportive and loving group of individuals I have ever met and they have completely changed my life.  This training and my new family has taught me to really see myself, understand myself, and love myself through and through.  A truly enlightening experience.  Thank you!



Mom– Special thanks to mom who encouraged me to sign up for Yoga Teacher Training.10995573_10204866502206653_4474086853035270119_o

vwnum7My Future Bridesmaids – Being a bridesmaid can be fun but it can also be a lot of work.  Thank you ladies for being excited about this journey with me!



My Business and My Clients – Sure, I and my business have a long journey ahead but I am so grateful that I have come this far and have had the opportunity to do so.  It is amazing to see how my clients have progressed over the course of our time together.  To witness their breakthroughs, watch them surpass their original goals, and see them become genuinely happier people is something that I would never give up, ever!  I am so grateful that I get to do what I love to do every single day.



Coffee, Chocolate, and Tea – Just yum.



Finding My Voice – Thanks to Yoga Teacher Training I feel that I am finally clear on how I feel, what I want, and how to express it.


Earth + Our Environment – The trees, the weather-rain or shine-, animals, bugs, oceans, access to fresh water, simple beauties…Our environment gives us so much more than we give it.167637_1635975863586_282995_n


My Life, my breath, my physical body, my mind/psyche, spirit, my emotions, senses.  My chance to experience, inspire, motivate, move, think, love, dream, and just simply be.




What are you grateful for this year?  With about 7 days until Turkey/Tofurkey Day, I challenge you to commit to the 7 days of gratitude challenge! Have fun 🙂




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